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Where's a decent place for random robotics parts?
Like chains, sprockets, etc?  
(03-22-2018, 09:15 PM)kresty Wrote: Like chains, sprockets, etc?  

Maybe some sort of junk bin at a bike shop? Some towns also have "bike share" programs where they fix up bicycles to sell/rent/lend - same thing, they might have leftover parts.

I go on Govdeals sometimes to look for computers or vehicles and I was bidding on a lot of something like 40 bicycles a town was selling. Some of them were in great shape, in which case we probably could have fixed them up and sold them. The leftovers would have yielded plenty of sprockets and chains.

Unfortunately we got outbid, but I have a scrap guy who gives us a few bucks for old/dead computers every so often. He would have loved to have gotten a couple dozen bike frames for scrap metal.
I was thinking more like some of the online robotics shops, but yea. I can't figure out which ones are most economical or have good selection or whatever.
(03-22-2018, 09:15 PM)kresty Wrote: Like chains, sprockets, etc?  

If you’re looking for something arduino/raspberry pi compatible, check out

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I've been meaning to reply to this ever since kresty first posted, but the robots held me down and prevented me from doing so.
This list is by no means comprehensive, but it's at least part of my list of usual suspects.  Most of these companies I know well, some of them I know the owners personally, so I might be able to provide more information than the short descriptions written here. (though I can't really imagine why you'd need more. Just click "purchase" right?)

Robot resources

Robot Shop
These guys have a huge selection of robot related parts, from motors to controllers to lidar to legos.  They tend to be more expensive than more general or direct outlets, but if you can’t find something they’ll probably have what you need.

This is a Chinese clearing house, some combination halfway between ebay and Amazon. Their prices can’t be beat, but as it ships from China it can take a long time for what you’ve ordered to arrive and customer services is greatly variable.  Also, if you’re looking for something very new or very brand name there’s a good chance you won’t find it here.

This is another clearing house along the lines of BangGood. I always check them both when I’m looking for something that I need a great price on.

Adafruit rocks. They’re a great bunch of people and they have awesome electronics for sale. They’ll also teach you how to use them.  Not only do they sell all the good stuff, but they design and sell their own high quality IOT and embedded tech. They’re based in New York, and their prices reflect that. Can be expensive.

Another great electronics supplier. I don’t know much about the company itself, but I have purchased things from them many times and have always been happy with what I’ve gotten.  Reasonable prices, though not as cheap as direct, and they’ve got a huge selection. They also have tutorials and a blog that’ll fill you in on what’s new and cool

Vex robotics
For those of us involved in competitive robotics, Vex is a household word. They sell a lot of high quality robot hardware of all sorts. It’s best if you know what you’re looking for when you get there, but a great resource

AndyMark is another company that caters specifically to competitive robotics, particularly FIRST, but a great many of the parts they sell can be used for building droids too. Wheels, motors, batteries, belts and drive chains, etc.

And lastly, of course, ebay. If you know specifically what you’re looking for ebay can be a great place to find it cheap, if you need to read spec sheets and see related parts and gather more information before  you buy, one of the above sites would be a better place to start.
That's a great list, thanks! I copied it over to the wiki even (discoverability? updateability?)

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