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Shawn & Lara need a Toolbox... Droid?
Well... where else do you stick all those tools you have to take to shows with you?

Playing around with a model loosely based on Lars' 3D model.  Tracks might be a little too big (but kind of in a good way, they're less rectangular and more square, which might match the photos better).

Colors are going to be a serious pain.  It has sort of a brown/red/rust color, but there's not really anything that color in Lego.  Some other close colors don't even begin to have decent parts for this build... So this might be close.  But I'm wondering about mixing in other colors for "weathering".  That's not a trivial task though, so pretty undecided.  I confess I've actually considered more traditional model weathering techniques.

[Image: normal_Lego_Toolbox_Tracks_Draft.png]
Tracks (maybe) for Toolbox Droid
Playing around with models.

For reference

[Image: normal_toolbox_03.jpg]
Well, the tracks are going to need something flexible to connect them, so I'm playing with that.  I liked the Ninjaflex we used for the Make-a-Wish Mouse Droid wheels, but the bit left over from that isn't a good color for the Toolbox.  So I decided to take a chance on some TPU from ebay (trulyfoxsmart).

I'm pretty happy with how it's behaving.  We mainly got black, but thought the red might work for a few since the droid's so weathered.  (You won't be able to see most of this between the treads anyway)

[Image: normal_WP_20180329_19_54_23_Pro_LI.jpg]

[Image: normal_WP_20180329_19_54_05_Pro_LI.jpg]

[Image: normal_WP_20180329_19_53_54_Pro_LI.jpg]
Ties between treads of the Lego Toolbox Droid tracks

We're putting 2 of these between each pair of treads, 10 of those per side, so we need about 30 more of these! But this gives an idea of how it works.

I'm pretty happy with this stuff so far. It's not being as finicky as the Ninjaflex, though it feels a little different when printed. First attempt was a little too thick for the Lego to fit snugly, but the rest have been great so far.

Printing at 226 with 50 degree bed on clean glass (getting leveling right is a must). It needs to be slower at 1800mm/min (1/2 my normal speed). Interestingly the default settings 50% of that for the first layer proved too slow to be reliable. I bumped it up to 90% for the first layer and since then it's been printing cleanly on the Flashforge.

At Rizz's prompting, I tried it on the CR-10. I didn't do that earlier because flexible filaments and Bowden tubes aren't supposed to play well together. But I thought this filament might be stiff enough, so I gave it a go. Same speeds as the Flashforge and it's doing reasonably well. Maybe a little "muddier" (I don't think it can retract very well, 'cause it's jammed into the tube as far as it can go). But certainly feasible if you really need something and have a CR-10.
I was asked about the TPU fumes - I didn't find anything terribly scary about it on Bing. Our space is fairly open and we have an air quality monitor that mentioned VOCs being a little high - but probably within the normal variation, maybe not due to the printer. I did notice a little smell when I reentered the room after a while and considered ventilating it or slowing down, but it was very mild and hasn't gotten worse.
Oops, there are 22 link/tread bits on each track, not 20.  Original pix has 4 curving around each end and 7 on the top/bottom flat sections.  So that's 44 links, not 40.  And somehow I missed a x2 - I have 2 ties to print between each tread.  So instead of being over 1/2way done with the print, I'm barely 1/3 of the way done.

I sped up the print speed to 2200mm/min - so far it looks like it's doing OK.  Also printing 2 up (was doing one).  So ~2/hour instead of 1/45 min?

Also figured I may as well use more red, so I'm now running both printers.  (I wanted a little red, but if I need 2x the parts, then 2x the red is the same proportion).
Ok, testing the track fit/look - it's Long all spread out! Most of it still needs the detail layer added.

[Image: normal_Toolbox_Droid_Full_Track_28129.jpg]
Lego Toolbox Droid Track

And then wrapped around 3D printed drive wheels

[Image: normal_Toolbox_Droid_Full_Track_28229.jpg]
Lego Toolbox Droid Track

These six sections are playing with the detail level. We want it mixed up a bit to look like the weathering of the model. Also tried painting a tad, and the black stripes on the top-left edge are experimenting with traction.

Having never played with tracks before I'm running into some trouble. I'd like to add drive teeth - at least a little - but then the spacing needs to be regular for that to work. The wheel is supposed to fit 10 treads around it in a circle, however it's a little small. Probably going to increase the diameter a bit and see what happens.

[Image: normal_Toolbox_Droid_Full_Track_28429.jpg]
Wheel with Tracks
Wheel was supposed to have 10 segments of track fit around it.  It's a bit too small.

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