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Tracks so fat it can't turn - brainstorming
Lee had mentioned that the Toolbox Droid pretty much couldn't turn, probably because the tracks were so wide.  I'm thinking that if the load were pushed to the outside edge of the tracks, and perhaps the tracks were thickened there, then maybe it'd have a chance at actually turning.  (I don't know a lot about track design, so maybe I'm wrong).

[Image: normal_Idea_for_Wider_Load_on_Tracks.png]
Thinking that wider load on the tracks might let it actually turn.

So the idea is that the idler wheels for the tracks would be way out on the edges, just behind the cosmetic facing.  The tracks themselves would maybe be a little thicker there as well (so the inside edge didn't drag).

Not sure if we'd have to do something to keep the inner sides of the tracks from dragging.

In Lego, I might consider printing Ninjaflex traction things to attach to the outer edges of the tracks, providing extra clearance and also traction.

Thoughts?  Anyone know more about building tanks?

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