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H-015 Skirt
As folks may remember, I was having trouble shoving the Lego bits under the Lego droid's skirt, so I've created an updated 3D model with the information I have.  It fits both the Lego and looks pretty close to the photos. 

A couple comments... I started with Savage's model, and relied on that particularly for the placement of the LEDs and openings in the left/right body panels.  I couldn't resist adding the on/off switch, and, of course, the Lego Greeblies were important to determine how they fit.

Basically it's like Savage's, but slowly gets larger as we get lower.  The antenna are identical (though I need to double check if I put them in the right spots)  The balls are identical.  The top of the head is the same.  The Lego greeblies are what I had before (though I removed the "knobs" from this version to simplify the model).

Anyhoo, this is what Haliwaliama & I will be using to continue our work on the Lego model, it's the best info I have right now.
And, of course, that model seemed really close to "something printable", like for a toy/ornament/whatever.

It actually wasn't nearly as close as I'd thought, but I was able to make a "good" printable version, which I stuck on Thingiverse (since it's a toy, not a replica like we make).

The toy version has really fat antenna (so they'll print) and other considerations to make it work as a printable object at that scale. (10%) - it'd need to be printed at 55% of that size (5.5% total) to be right for a Star Wars figure.

Heck, I should try that....

(time passes)


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