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So I moved
Moved a few blocks away from the crappy apartment building I used to live in. Now on top of a business in town, a 50 foot walk from my business.

So I'm hoping to get back to building and finish my WED-15 droid. I now know two people with a 3D printer who said they'd be happy to cut parts for me, so I'm going to ask one of them to build the neck piece for me. Now that I can go on the patio out back of the building I can spray paint and cut with no problem.

I have a few other projects in mind as well. I had started on a hoverboard for Halloween (I went as Marty McFly) but ran out of time to build it. I still want to build it for sake of completion.

Only thing holding me back is lack of funds, so hopefully business will pick up.
100% death proof

[Image: qBQpDd.jpg]
HOverboard seems tough, how were you going to get it to hover?
(01-03-2018, 07:21 PM)kresty Wrote: HOverboard seems tough, how were you going to get it to hover?


If I could build a legit hoverboard I wouldn't be scratching around for scrap to build droids. Smile 

Still unpacking, but I'm putting together my new workbench. Going to have a friend of mine hopefully 3D cut a piece for my WED-15

Despite last week being one of the coldest in recent memory (and in my typical luck that's when I chose to move) this week is going to be significantly warmer, with Saturday hitting close to 60. If I can dig up the spray paint I purchased I plan on trying to paint the base.

It's nice to have some real work space.
One of my clients just got 3D printer and was nice enough to cut the neck piece for WED-15. Thanks for uploading the 3D file to the site! Came out great!

[Image: h9Cx20.jpg]

[Image: yqAvn7.jpg]

Needs just a little sanding and painting but I can't wait to start assembling the droid.

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