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Hello from Long Island, NY
Hi, I am Scott from Long Island, NY, USA. I love all kinds of robots and I love Star Wars!

Droids I would like to build, not necessarily in order:
• Gatekeeper Droid (from Jabba'a palace, pupeteerable)
• Gonk (Static but with lights and sounds)
• Mouse droid (remote controlled with sound effects)

I am also currently working on an R4 astromech (you'll find me on under the same handle). I am a graphic/web designer and I also do 3d printing (I have a small one), 3d design/animation, laser cutting (at the local makerspace), arduino programming and more.
Greetings sakraft! Welcome to the group and Happy New Year!
Welcome Scott.
Welcome! I'm keen on the gatekeeper as well. There are a few builds I've seen, but I haven't found a lot of detail on the dimensions.

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