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WED Treadwell Motor System
I wouldn't poke a thorn(e), that sounds painful!
(12-17-2017, 03:40 PM)savagecreature Wrote: These are nearly identical to the drive systems we use for the competition bots.  Thorne has just been very busy with work and holiday stuff. I'll poke her again about posting tonight and see if we can get a response.

i think for know ill just make a stationary droid and worry about making a fully working one another time, i have no problem building the droid, but i think the motor system is just way to complicated for know, maybe someday when i have a better grip on wiring (i plan on taking an electric course next year just to learn the basics) thanks everyone for the help, ill keep all this advice written down for the future, in the meantime, time to start on the droid. also, does anyone know if there are templates already in existence, or a way i could print the measurements and make templates out of them, or will i have to do it from scratch? thanks in advance.



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