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Yellow suit thing?
What's this yellow environmental suit thing on D'Qar?

[Image: attachment.php?aid=223]

oh man....someone's gotta make one of those Tongue

From the 'toolbox droid' thread, I noticed he shows up in the one screenshot - over to the left:

[Image: normal_toolbox_01.jpg]
It's a B-U4D.  According to the documentation it's a "loading droid, class 5".   I think it suffers from the same poor, barely articulated, lacking in visual interest, design sensibility as all the droids from The Force Awakens unfortunately, which is why it had't been included here earlier.  But here he is now, in all his boxy glory

[Image: normal_b-u4d_73f93ac6.jpeg]
If he's a loading droid, then why's the human next to him mucking with the stuff on the dolly (That looks suspiciously like an earth dolly) Shouldn't the droid be dealing with it?

I guess I'll need to stick him in the Wiki.
In profile, found looking for toolbox droid... (which is on left)

[Image: normal_Toolbox_Droid_and_B-U4D.png]
B-UD4 & Toolbox Droid
Toolbox droid is on far left.

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