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Treads and other details
Paul6700 thinks that the Treadwell tracks are a 140T 1/2" pitch 70"x3" blower/supercharger belt (like this one, however long this link might last) - he posted a grainy photo, so I tried tracking it down and discovered an early droid electronics magazine article, how cool!

Anyway, the article included this cool image with lots of Treadwell parts:

[Image: Treadwell_28from_Electronics_Today29.png]
Treadwell from Electronics Today International, Dec 1977
Decent detail shots of the WED Treadwell (stick droid)
As you can see, there are lots of cool details in this photo.
  • The tread can be seen, along with a guide track (Paul6700 used an old fan belt chopped up and attached to the blower belt.
  • A bit of the detail of a drive wheel as well (did the sand get in all those cracks?)
  • A close up of the head - I know we've had some of that before.
  • An arm detail, I don't think there are many great arm pix
  • The innards.  Nothing surprising there, motors & batteries mostly, but interesting nevertheless.  Flexible couplings on the driveshafts are interesting (to me).

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