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Electronics Today International - Dec, 1977 Issue
When I was trying to track down Paul6700's Treadwell tracks reference I rediscovered an issue of Electronics Today International that has a few unique images of some of the droids, including an good mouse (vertical top greebles!), Mouse innards, Treadwell bits, and LIN images.  Also some of Artoo's 2-3-2 mechanism.

Anyhoo, I've posted the PDF I found of the article here, which included these images:

Mouse droid side view & innards showing RC parts:

[Image: Mouse_Droid_28from_Electronics_Today29.png]
Mouse Droid
Innards of an MSE-6 in Electronics Today International, Dec 1977

Treadwell details:

[Image: normal_Treadwell_28from_Electronics_Today29.png]
Treadwell from Electronics Today International, Dec 1977
Decent detail shots of the WED Treadwell (stick droid)

LIN-V8K dome robot at the Jawa yard sale:

[Image: LIN_28from_Electronics_Today29.png]
LIN-V8K from Electronics Today
I didn't see this frame in the film, so I guess it was an outtake or promo or something.

[Image: normal_LIN-V8K_28from_Electronics_Today29.png]
LIN-V8K Insides from Electronics Today International,
More detail than I've ever seen of a LIN droid.

Anyway, I'll post about the individual photos in the appropriate droid subforums, but I thought people'd be interested in the whole article.

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