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Lasers vs CnC?
Laser cutters are really expensive and thick materials can be problematic.  There are a few "laser engravers" from the cheap online distributors - several of those don't come with eye protection or safeties!   (A Kickstarter got in trouble for that).  Even then they have really low power and can't cut very well.  A "real" laser cutter can be great if you have access, and some maker garages have them (though time might be expensive)

Several builders have had great success with cheaper CnCs, even DIY CnCs.   Those can also have much larger beds (4x8' vs a couple feet).  Apparently some designs could be "affordable" (for various definitions of "affordable"), but I don't know much about how to discover good designs.  I've attempted some research but haven't gotten very far.

Any thoughts?  Any suggestions for a decent DIY CnC plan?

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