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Rhyno45's MSE-Zilla
Hello again. This, my friends, is a dissection of the MSE-Zilla. First created by the ever incredible Kevin Holme through his research perfecting his own R2-D2 unit, this test platform became soooo much bigger. It made a debut at Droidcon 4 as the fun droid of choice for late night surfing and rodeo riding. At Celebration, Tom's MSE-Zilla made headlines while towing his Kenny Baker R2-D2 around the convention. This is the one I made that wound up driving Warwick Davis during his panel on Sunday. Enjoy.

So what is a MSE-Zilla exactly? In short it's a MSE that can tow your car. In length, it's a rock solid aluminum frame, fiberglass shell, Q85 hub motor, beast of a machine that, when outfitted with the appropriate neopixels and amp setup, makes for a small bundle of fun.
[Image: mse2.jpg]
Q85 motors in the back, omni wheels in the front.
[Image: mse3.jpg]
[Image: mse7.jpg]
Here we have a fiberglass shell.
[Image: mse8.jpg]
And where to cut.
[Image: mse10.jpg]
This is handy to cut with.
[Image: mse11.jpg]
Fast forward a little bit and we start adding goodies.
[Image: mse14.JPG]
The motors need 24 volts so there are inverters to get to 12 and 5 volts for the various components.
[Image: mse15.JPG]
[Image: mse16.JPG]
[Image: mse17.JPG]
And the acrylic sheet I cut to show the neopixels off with.
[Image: mse18.JPG]
[Image: mse20.JPG]
And done. I got those circuit boards from Lord Hotwing. LOVE them!
[Image: mse24.JPG]
[Image: mse25.JPG]
At Celebration.
[Image: mse19.JPG]
[Image: mse23.JPG]
With Warwick and Steele Smith.
[Image: mse22.JPG]
At Disneyworld. Still amazed at how many people loved him. He was fun to drive. The blue R5 is mine too.
[Image: mse21.JPG]
And always keep your eye on MSE-Zilla when Kevin is driving. MSE-Zilla can bite.
[Image: mseouch.jpg]
Holy crap-a-moley that's a crazy MSE!! Thanks so much for sharing the break down. I'm sure I'm going to read this thread more than once to gleen all the details I can.
That would be so tempting for the Lego mouse....

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