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Greatings from Germany
I took German in highschool. Three years of it. I even did fairly well. But high school was 35 years ago, or so, now, and I remember nothing. Nothing at all. I don't think I ever used it again, after I graduated.

I'll have to use google translate.
Um hmmm.  (Don't know how to spell that).  Bing translate.  After all, Google doesn't know Klingon, so Bing must be better, right? Smile

I took third year German in high school.  Skipped the first two.  Did mediocre.

And, in case anyone didn't know, the Klingon font on the Bing Klingon translator is mine Smile
(09-23-2017, 12:35 AM)Jango Jet Wrote: Your german is almost perfect ?

Die letze war sehr, um, kurz.  Und Office hat Rechtshreiberung fur Deutsche.

Die erste hat hilfe von Bing Translator.

Dieses shreibt ich sehr langsam – und dann sehen in Bing.  Veilleicht wie deine English.

I can often get the idea of a subject from reading German, but often I miss (sometimes important!) details.

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