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MAW-1 Mouse Droid
I dunno what to call it, so how about MAW-1 Mouse Droid for now.

Basically we're cloning MCK-Y for charity, trying to make the cloned droid a little more robust and kid-friendly.  It's based on MCK-Y's structure, with an R/C car frame and Lego panels.  Some of the folks of Bricklink have donated or discounted parts to help.  Hobbytown USA discounted some R/C parts, and Pololu and Sparkfun have helped with some of the other electronics.

One big pain is that something happened to the R/C factory that made the frame for MCK-Y, so they've been backordered most of the summer.  We managed to finally get one of the new frames in just the last few days.  

So far the panels have been built; next step is to modify the R/C frame to the mouse droid dimensions.  Then mount the shell and add the electronics.  

Working on the R/C frame today - trickier than I'd expected...
Well, that's annoying. While copying the droid, I discovered that MCK-Y's transmission is slipping in the rear output shaft. So I thought about it and realized that I have smaller wheels on front than in back. So that's about a 1:1.2 difference in gearing between the back end and the front end.

So I got some underspeed gears for the MAW-1 droids, but they're only 1:1.13 or so, hopefully that'll be enough. (I could also overspeed the front wheels, but that'd end up at 1:1.3 and miss in the other direction.

Or maybe just get Savage to teach me how to build some custom (metal) gears, he always ignores everything and builds his own parts, right?

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