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Happy Third Birthday Rebel Droids!!
They say two can be a coincidence but that three establishes a trend! Smile 

The years keep flying by

we're going to continue the tradition as best we can. Door prizes, new content . . . we'll be celebrating the entire month, just like last time [Image: biggrin.gif]  See if you can spot this year's new banners.  We keep getting new ones every year. We're up to 28 now!

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us from the beginning and welcome to all the new folks who have decided to join us!

Let's get this part started!

All you have to do to be eligible for Door Prizes is to post anywhere on the forum during the month of July. A random selection algorithm will select our winners at the end of the month and the winners will be notified.  
Happy Birthday from Germany.

Not the most busiest community, but nonetheless very charming.
Yippee, fireworks! Smile

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