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PLNK droid
Posted this in the Gonk thread at Astromech, but figured I'd start a build log here as well.

I have yet to start my formal R2 build, but in the meantime, I found a cheaper, simpler project to start.  Lots of people are building Gonk droids - I'm going to make a PLNK droid.  If you're not familiar with it, it's basically a four legged Gonk that appeared in a couple of episodes of Clone Wars.

[Image: 34850767181_4794361d04_o.jpg]
[Image: 34943231546_79a0e0b662_o.jpg]

I got the idea when I saw a particular clear storage tub at Big Lots but got inspired to start when I found these containers at WalMart:
[Image: 34850767711_b7838841ee_b.jpg]

I LOVE that square detailing - makes it look so much more "machine-like" than the clean cornered ones most people use.  They also sell a "Gonk sized" version of this container.  Both versions are getting hard to find though, so act fast.

A sample of the take out containers I'm going to use to make the various panels and such.  Won't be using all of them - I'll decide which ones later.
[Image: 34943232776_1ee64a62ff_c.jpg]

I have a plan for the legs.  Next post will cover that.  Stay tuned.
Awesome, Ziz. Glad to have you over here with us, too. I look forward to seeing this come together. Smile
That'll look great Ziz!

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