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Party Gonk
I had a pair of brand new 22Ah SLA batteries that I planned on using in an astromech but wound up going a different direction. The obvious answer to this problem is to build another droid. Having been to a few conventions before, I know how draining they are on phone batteries. For this, the GNK power droid would be perfect. The batteries would be used to charge my phone while standing there looking like a GNK. Doesn't seem like much of a challenge, though, does it? Yeah, not really. You know what would be really cool though? Make it a recharging PARTY GNK!! Awww yeah. So I found a Bluetooth 400W amp, some 6x9 4 way 400W speakers and went on my way to get it rocking on like the breaky breaky dawn.
[Image: gonk37.JPG]
That blue thing on top is indeed one of those aluminum pan things you get at the store. It said Non-Stick on the wrapper so I grabbed it and said "Oh we will see about that!"
[Image: gonk38.JPG]
[Image: gonk35.JPG]
[Image: gonk39.JPG]
This was the GNK as stage scenery during Warwick's panel on droids.
[Image: gonk40.JPG]
Cool, a power droid that's doing it's job!
I spy an R5-D4 frozen in Carbonite. Amazing.
(05-26-2017, 07:11 PM)deathproof Wrote: I spy an R5-D4 frozen in Carbonite. Amazing.

That's Greedo's (thread on who is local to me.  He had fun with that.
Nice build

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