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You think the cleaning staff would mind?
Saw this and thought of the monster mouse.  Think they'd notice if it was missing?

Maybe that's why we can't find other references? The cleaning staff reclaimed their bin after the scene was shot?

(I realize it isn't quite right, but it sure is a similar size)
It's gotta be some sort of "tilt truck" though....  eg:

Some of them have external frames/wheels, so the bucket part would be easy enough to pull out.  And there are 3 ridges along the front like the molds of several brands.  The catch is that the "nose" is tilted out, whereas most of the others seem to be more vertical if anything.

For what it's worth, I pinged LFL, who didn't have any other reference either, nor did some of the big collectors. Apparently there is very little known about this droid.

If this was filmed in the UK that might narrow down the brand of tilt truck.

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