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Discovering Dimensions
Well, the oil can is basically 9 1/8" (231mm) from bottom to the 2L mark (sorry, that tape didn't have cm) and 1 15/16" (50mm) to 0.5L mark.  10 1/4" (260mm) total height from table it was sitting on...

[Image: normal_Measuring_Toolbox_Droid_Oil_Can_0...192029.png]

[Image: normal_Measuring_Toolbox_Droid_Oil_Can_2...108129.jpg]

[Image: normal_Measuring_Toolbox_Droid_Oil_Can_2...192029.png]

[Image: normal_Measuring_Toolbox_Droid_Oil_Can_2...107629.jpg]

[Image: normal_Measuring_Toolbox_Droid_Oil_Can_2...107629.jpg]

(My measurements when I lined up my eyeball were almost exactly on the inches marks mentioned.  The camera I seem to have gotten a little too high/low).
Hmmpfh. One photo trying to line up the lines I get about 660mm tall. The other about 690mm (maybe 700mm) tall Sad I'm going to need a more careful look.

The tracks seem really close to 50x100mm for each of the 22 plates. Given that we're all human, I suspect that might be about right.

I need to figure out how to align stuff better. The "rear" axle seems taller than the "front" axle as well, but since the body seems about the same, I'm not sure how to reconcile that either. Maybe the axle spot is bigger but the total height of the cover there is the same in front & rear?

Just talking out loud.
These are the photos I'm playing with.  I stuck them in coreldraw, put yellow boxes of the measured size for the container (10.25" tall, better is 9.125" to the 2L mark).  Then I scaled the photo so that it'd match the boxes.  That way the dimensions tool in the program would be 1:1.

[Image: normal_Toolbox_Dimensions_2.png] [Image: normal_Toolbox_Dimensions_1.png]
I like the image on the right better - it's easier to see the marks on the bottle, and it's straighter.  I get about 665mm from that one and 690mm on the left one.  The left dimensions are about 6% higher than the other photo (consistently). 

It's tricky to find spots that look like they might be the same distance from the camera as the marks on the bottle - and, of course, the lens might be mucking with my dimensions on the sides, etc.

The lowest I measured was 650, and the highest around 700.

Another interesting bit is that the tracks are pretty close to 50x100 mm in this orientation.  Of course they're angled a little way from the camera even in the right photo, but it's pretty close.

The other dimensions get harder, but I tried to figure out the lamp lenses.  Looks like those are almost 30mm.  I'm not sure how to figure out the body with all it's odd angles.

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