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Kresty Training Remote
Well, got the hemisphere's back -

Top did OK, bottom was worse (they printed on different printers in the lab)

The bottom was stringier and had funny spots. I think maybe I was too ambitious by keeping the details - patches did OK on the top one, rest wasn't too bad, but would probably do better separately.

Used custom supports, they worked great:

Horseshoe bits have some spots for one of the tank wheels next to them. Lots of ringing and the horseshoes are muddy. Not at all sure why the void for the wheels there didn't work - they did OK elsewhere. Slicer bug? I'll have to check that out.

[Image: normal_Training_Remote_Halves_28529.jpg]

In all I'm reasonably OK with the hemispheres. Probably worth a little tweaking. In addition the commander's hatches were also reprinted and were very poor this time (same printer as the bottom muddier hemisphere). Maybe I'll avoid that printer in the future?

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