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Kresty Training Remote
I guess I'll follow Savage's example and start 5 projects before finishing the first one Smile

I noticed we didn't have a lot of Training Remote noise, so I started poking around.  I found some plans (which, of course, I'm not happy with), so I'm going to look at making those a little more printable (for me) and see where that goes.
I found a better model at (Thanks Marksman-H). Of course I still want to tweak it.

I sort of have all the parts of the model placed in spots that work for me in Sketchup... I've tweaked a few.  I sent 1/2 of this 1/2 scale to the work printer, but expect issues.

I intend to rip out the bits that should be printed individually, probably with spots on the sphere to receive them.

Toying with the idea of adding some sort of light instead of just the scotchlite (maybe as an alternate method?)  Not sure how to get the light "even" enough though.  I can print a tranlucent lens that'd probably be about right, but not sure if it'd diffuse an LED enough, or where to put the LED.  Or how many to use.  (There are 16 scotchlighted parts, seems like a lotta LEDs, not sure if a central light would work though.)
(PS: I started with the thingiverse openscad model and tweaked it in Sketchup.  Added detail to a few parts.  I thought I was happy, but just realized the tank hatches aren't as rounded/tall as the photos.  Also trying to reconcile differences with Frank's plans).
Marksman-H has a build thread on the RPF too, which I was somehow too oblivious and missed earlier! - Resin is an interesting choice, I have such trouble with the Form1 @ work.
Well, uploaded individual files for printing individual parts...  Haven't tested them

[Image: thumb_Remote_Training_Droid_3D_Parts.png]
Individual Parts for Combat Training Remote
BETA - Individual 3D Printable parts - no patches.  Intended for application to a sphere, or print the hemisphere included.

Most of them should print w/o supports. Commander's hatch, gunport & hatch cover probably need support, Horsehoes are tiny, may need rafts and support.
Poking through print preview I've realized I've made this thing way more detailed than the printer can handle. Hmm. Gonna need a better printer. Maybe I should play with the resin printer again?
Some of the bits that attach to the outside have printed. I'm not trying to print them all at once because I want to avoid supports if possible and there are lots of little tiny sticks.

[Image: normal_WP_20170420_22_41_07_Rich_LI_281920x111629.jpg]
[Image: normal_WP_20170420_22_49_54_Rich_LI_281920x119529.jpg]

The gunports and tiny tank wheels did great. The brackets without the raft did well as well - better than the attempt with a raft. Large tank wheels aren't perfect, but can probably clean.

Some of these clearly need work:

* Equator bandaid is totally bizarre - that could be a print driver problem, and that's being looked at. Might try printing on their sides.
* Commander's hatches got really muddy on the top detail bits. I'm not sure if that's the slicer or what. I might try on a different printer. &/or make the model parts thicker.
* The wheel rims are "OK", but many of the lug nuts got lost, and I'm a little disappointed they aren't cleaner. I might see if I can improve those as well.

Well, getting there...

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