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C3PO finish
Does anyone have a good paint to finish C3PO? I have the head and would like to have it painted or plated. I have contacted a few places and they want a minimum of $250 Huh
Unfortunately, vacuum metalizing is expensive Sad
There are a number of different alternative painting or finishing methods you could use but none of them will be that "gold chrome" finish. In my experience they'll be more like a weathered, dirty version of C-3PO.

Off the top of my head you could go with a gold rub-n-buff and I've also seen some decent results with automotive gold paint. I'll dig around and see if I can find some images of different finishes.

Oh, and;

Welcome to the group

Was lookin' at something else and ran across this

[Image: 10028573135_877df2449d.jpg]

this was done with plasticoat chrome spray paint by backwards lamb over at the RPF

Thread can be found here.
Thanks for the info and thank you for the warm welcome Smile
Would this be a good finish?
Mirror effect paint only looks mirror-ee when it's sprayed on to the back of glass. (then you look though the other side) On back of the glass it appears to be flat colored paint. That's why all of the painted things on the can are glass Smile
I can't seem to find the plastikote gold anywhere, anymore. The silver is available, but no gold. I wonder if they don't make it anymore.

I guess the next thing I would try would be duplicolor. But I've never seen duplicolor look as good as those photos of the plastikote.

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