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Antennae Position?
Savage, where'd you get the antenna position from? 

The top is like a "Y" with the base of the Y pointing straight toward one side of the droid.

At Celebration, the droid had the antenna with the short one front, then the tall one next in a clockwise direction (from top):

[Image: normal_H015_Top_Greeble_Placement.jpg]
Top of the H015
Top of the H-015 @ Celebration London, showing Greeble placement.

Your model seems to have the same clock position:

[Image: normal_H015_render_08.JPG]

However you're rotated one place with respect to the first image - assuming I'm looking at them right. I was wondering if you had a different reference. Like maybe Oliver stuck them in the wrong slots on stage?
FWIW, I'm arranging them as the first picture. Short one front (base of the Y), tall one to it's right (to the droid's right), where the single tick mark is. Medium one on the arm with the double tick marks.
Oops, I put the toy's in the wrong positions.

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