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Kresty working on Fusion Power Generator
Looking great!
And dangerously close to be fully operational! Pay attention to respect the procedure when initiating fusion Smile

Had the same issue with the hoses pushing the lid up so I made the lid heavier: it did the trick but it is still a bit fragile; as I have a central column on my build I was thinking about adding some magnets to attach the lid; but finally did not take the time to do this yet... it is still on the to do list ;-)

I made my own coils from solid copper wires that I salvaged from some home works; I was surprised it was actually very easy, good looking and even durable.
Thanks! Um, do you have the fusion instructions? Mine got wet in shipping or something and I'm afraid of blowing up the house (or city).

I have craft wire (on order). Considered copper wire, but the craft was cheap Smile

For other reasons I need an elastic cord or something to hold it down, so I'm hoping that'll be enough.

Savage's original plans have the 3D top being separate from the styrene top. If I'd kept from gluing them together that would have "solved" the lifting up problem.
Oh, wow, heat gun worked great.  Actually made it pretty soft, had to be careful not to kink it and took a while to cool off, but seems to be holding it's shape really well after that!

[Image: normal_Bent_Hoses.jpg]
Bent hoses
The hoses were too stiff and tried to push up on the top when I put them in place. So I used a heat gun to soften them and managed to get them to stay in this shape!
I've said i before . . . it really looks great!
Sorry, instructions were blown up before i had a chance to read them... Angel

I did not know craft wire: there are plenty of interesting colors, good to know, thanks!
(12-05-2017, 12:46 PM)SuTaiBot Wrote: Sorry, instructions were blown up before i had a chance to read them... Angel

I did not know craft wire: there are plenty of interesting colors, good to know, thanks!

Yea, it's new to me too.  The sources I found (aliexpress) had intriguing looking shades of the colors, I'd like something a little darker than copper -- but their charts were messed up so I ordered the wrong color.  Now I've ordered a couple others.  We'll see what looks good.

Also guessing a little on the gauge.  I picked 1.5mm.  Greedo'd mentioned 18 gauge/1mm, but I'd already thought that the wire I used on the house seemed about right.  I don't want it to bend and lose shape just because I brush it when putting it in the car or something... We'll see (if it ever gets here!)
The copper wire I used is 2.5 mm2, that is about 1.75 mm diameter; but my fusion charger is a bit oversized (I wanted my iMax B6-AC charger to fit in).
After a few month of natural aging, the copper wires turned to the exact "blacky copper look" that I wanted.
I was afraid coils could be damaged during transportation or events, but so far no issue (fingers crossed), and I bring it to at least 6 events per year, since 2 years.
That sounds like a good diameter. Glad you like the look of the wires Smile

Frankly I'm a little more worried about my lower hoses now. My original glue was terrible and I've knocked 1/2 of them off just sticking the hoses on. So now they're attached with CA.
Wrapping wire this weekend some, and Lara painted abit. Didn't have the right gauge from China yet, so got some cheap stuff from JoAnne's (the fabric place) - it's 20awg though. Finally got smart and put my dowel on a drill (running in reverse because that's the direction I was hand-winding them).

The first China wire arrived (but it's too red). Diameter seems perfect! Hopefully I can get diameter & color both working on the next lot!
I played with the Wiki some -- I'm trying to make more coherent instructions for people trying to build similar to my way. I'm thinking the "tall" version is more annoying than useful, so I think I'm going to trim back my versions of the plans and stop including the lower 1" extension that doesn't appear to be in the movie prop. (anyone want that extended version?)

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