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3D Files?
Now I know I'm being silly, but is anyone working on 3D files for this thing?  (Why would I care, I'd probably just build it out of Lego anyhoo!)
I am. As I've been collecting the original parts I've been modeling them with the intent of doing a whole 3D printed thing. But you probably had guessed that already.
Of course, I should have known Smile
Oops, posted in my build log....

Well, uploaded individual files for printing individual parts...  Haven't tested them

[Image: thumb_Remote_Training_Droid_3D_Parts.png]
Individual Parts for Combat Training Remote
BETA - Individual 3D Printable parts - no patches.  Intended for application to a sphere, or print the hemisphere included.

Most of them should print w/o supports.  Commander's hatch, gunport & hatch cover probably need support, Horsehoes are tiny, may need rafts and support.
Hmm, some of the bits didn't print very well, so stuff has been revised. I think most of the parts should be OK now, waiting on prints to make sure....

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