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Fusion Generator Plans
I've updated my laser cut version of Savage's plans:

  • Added "short" version (renamed old version "tall") in case you want the base to stop at the sloped part.
  • Adjusted diameter of top flat disc to better match Kresty's top 3D printed ridge.
  • Thickened supports B in back.
  • Corrected sizes of diffuser cut templates.
  • Created a special J top ring for the grill providing more surface to glue the K ring to.
V3 version of Kresty's laser cut flat pack... Several changes:
  • Got rid of the optional taller/lower version. C Band and D Ring are removed for the pointy bottomed (more screen accurate) version.
  • That means fewer sheets! All the 1.5mm (3/16") parts are on one sheet.
  • Added tabs/slots for the window panel/translucent panel/M ring (removing the notches, which was hard)
  • Added mount holes on the M ring for the T hose fittings. (I didn't do the same on the lower parts because I'm not sure the bottom bands can always be aligned well).
  • Centered the K-ring tabs, which had been a little off.
  • Included the part alignment guide templates.
  • Added "alt lower diffuser" - instead of 2 parts it's only one part that's a bit short, however the gap can be positioned at one of the opaque walls of the grill.


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