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Fusion Generator Plans
.stls and flat pack .pdfs for the Astromech charging Fusion Generator have been added to the files area.

flat pack

3D files
Cool, thanks Savage for sharing and making these!
(Maybe in the opposite order: making, then sharing)
So, I added the beta "laser cut parts" plans based on Savage's CnC plans.

(Laser parts don't need gaps between them and laser cutters tend to have a much smaller bed than Savage's CnC)

Note that I still haven't assembled them, so I'm not sure how well they work (I think they should be "good enough").  Mostly I'm concerned about my kerf being different than Savage's original plans.

Should you choose to print them, I'd seriously consider something else besides etching the notches on the notched parts.  Particularly at the orientation I used they took forever just to etch that notch on each of those 3 sheets.  

Alternate methods would be to leave out the notch and add another inner ring to provide a place to affix the vertical parts.
Hey Savage and Kresty... any luck with the scaling of the PDFs? I know nothing about DXF files... are they usable to print the plans? thanks...

Unfortunately mine are messed up because the scales were wrong for the various sheets. I'm not sure if Savage's are updated yet.
I'm sorry, I haven't had a chance to update them yet. I've been pretty swamped and since there didn't seem to be a bunch of people clamoring for them I put it on the list as less of a priority than other things.
How that there are folks asking for them specifically, I'll move it up the list a lot and try to get to it ASAP.
Thanks for your patience everyone
Cross-posting - Savage's original PDFs have been updated to the correct scale.
A one-piece top was requested on Astromech, so I took the liberty of posting one:

[Image: thumb_One_Piece_Top_3D_Fusion_Generator.png]
One Piece 3D Top for Fusion Generator
Basically just took Savage's plans and imported them and copied the bits a few times.
As the above photo shows, my "one piece" top is missing the middle greebles and the top buttons. Oops. I updated the .zip.

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