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Fusion Generator / Reactor?
I was looking at the cord plugged into Artoo.  Looked to me like a coiled 1/4" audio jack, but then I reconsidered and am guessing maybe an XLR cable.  They'd have XLRs laying about all over the place on a movie set.  So I went to the screenshots and tried to grab some, but it gets even odder.

Here the cord is all wrapped over the top.  Continuity as the loop is down lower earlier.  

[Image: normal_Unlit_Fusion_Generator.jpg]
Unlit Fusion Generator
Unlit Fusion Generator, prior to plugging in.

Zooming in, we can see that the plug is draped all over the device, I guess so he can plug it in easily.  Interestingly the XLR-ish connector looks like it's attached to a double banana plug connector here.  I didn't notice that extra bit elsewhere.

[Image: normal_Unlit_Wrapped_Fusion_Generator.jpg]
Unlit and all wrapped up
Fusion Generator looks like the cords are all wrapped up so they don't get tangled.  The "plug" looks different in this picture, like there's a dual banana connector adapter on the end.

Here the cord is hanging in a loop, and the end's jammed behind one of the hoses.  

Easier to see here.  Clearly moved from the other shot, this looks easier for Mark to grab and plug in without getting tangled.

And then of course he plugs it in.  Can't really see it when he's plugging it in, but later when Yoda's grabbing stuff like the lamp we can see it clearly.

[Image: normal_Connected.jpg]
Fusion Generator plugged in.
My first guess was 1/4" audio jack, but XLR makes more sense considering they'd be all over the place on a movie set.  The fitting looks overly complicated for that though, an adapter?

And there's another continuity glitch here.  One of the hoses is missing.  I'm guessing that it was a pain to detangle the cord and plug it in cleanly because the cord and plug position keep moving.

[Image: normal_swempire_25005B15D.jpg]
Fusion Generator/Reactor reference files pilfered from the thread:

It's interesting to me that the cord appears to look like it's supposed to be one of the lower loops?  However it's clearly longer and way different.  I'm still not quite sure where it's connected to the bottom of the generator.
Hey Savage, more questions!

How far "in" do the middle of the 8 "T" parts go from the outside edge of the M ring? (Or how far between the edge of the T parts and the edge of the M ring, same idea)

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