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Fusion Generator / Reactor?
That looks cool will have to find time to print it if I can.
So.... I imported the 6 parts of the top into Sketchup and then rotated one around into the other positions... Savage expected a variation, and I found a little, but it's like 0.05mm. So, I *think*, for all practical purposes, one could probably just print the same double section 5x... Which is good because I've (well the lab has) printed a couple and don't remember which is which!
Hmm, I got one of the tabs off by a bit, I'll need to adjust that.
I'm having difficulty with the fit of the parts.  I knew I'd have kerf from the laser, but I measured my as-cut part against the PDF and my "louver ring" (J) lost only .17mm on each side, which is about what I'd expect.  Nowhere near enough to be interesting.  

However when I try to put the grill (I) on the tabs, the slots on the grill are way too close.  If I force them, then the other end bends.

Savage said he cut his from the DXF files and then exported the PDFs, so my wild guess would be that the PDF's were scaled a little when exporting.  (That's a common issue we have with the laser cutters).  My measurements match the PDF's, so I don't think the scaling happened on my end.

The parts that "don't fit" are all on different sheets.  Eg: the brackets (B) are a little small for the base (A).  Brackets are on sheet 02, base is on sheet 01.  And the grill (I) is too small for the rings.  The rings are on sheet 02, the grill is sheet 00.

Not blaming Savage, these things are tough, but I think we need more beta testing!

(I'll post some dimensions in a minute, and Savage can compare against the original)
Sheet 00, some measurements I have of the imported PDF:

Oops, cropped the bottom of the one measurement. That's measuring to the top of the next slot on the grill (eg: it should be the distance that it starts repeating for each of the 8 grill sections)
Sheet 01
And sheet 02 - my guess is that it's ~3% too big.

I'll have a look at it this weekend and see what I can figure out. I didn't have these fitting problems on the one I built, so you're probably right, it's some sort of a file conversion problem
Sure, no rush. I posted the pictures just so you'd be able to see what I saw, not to try to rush you Smile
This one I thought was close.  Savage says 13.73", my measurement was 13.81", so that's fits my expectations.  Just a hair big.

(04-26-2017, 09:31 PM)kresty Wrote: Sheet 01


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