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How to build a Cheap Gonk Droid
Well I never made a build log for my astromech I had pics but never made the log. So I figured I would make a Gonk Droid. And this time contribute and make a log. However I kinda busted it out in one day but I did take pictures so let me explain the process. In my estimate the project cost about 100 bucks or less I didn't keep track. By the way this Gonk is not screen accurate it is just what I like and wanted

Step 1: Buy stuff the stuff I bought is 2 big cases and 2 inch 2 foot long pvc pipe. And 2 smaller cases for the feet because my wood cutting skills suck and im lazy. And 2 gutter things I found to go around the pvc pipe.


Step 2: paint at first I pained it a brown I did not like so I scarped it off and made a red but did a crapy job scraping so it kinda looks weathered but here is pics of the original paint job I used a paint at home depot that was a primer paint and goes on everything


[url=][/url]Step 3: I am a auto mechanic by trade so I saved some parts that were broken on cars that I replaced and thought might fit on the gonk droid. I like to call it recycling lol and I got these boxes at the craft store that I thought might fit it


Step 4. I used a stencil cutter that heats up I guess that's the name I got it years ago and traced circles of the pvc pipes on my boxes and cut the holes. Then I shoved the pvc pipes in with the gutter things around them. and cut a piece of wood and put holes in it as well for alittle more support on the body and feet


step 5: I put hinges on it and a power bar and mounted it together it is wobbly but stands. ill work on stability some time when im bored Oh in the future  I plan on installing this solar panel I got from the solar panel has no glass backing and can charge phones

Cool! Thanks for sharing!
That's a crazy color scheme. You'd never lose that GNK in a crowd, for sure Smile
thanks I posted it on but then I thought wait this is the site im supposed to post it on hahahaahaha. But thank you for the compliments after painting of course anybody can bust it out in a day for those who want one if you want to make it look better it would take longer of course. But this was budget and basic

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