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Adding Images FYI
First click Images up in the top-right.
From there you can hit "Upload File"
*  First time you will need to add an album, select Add/Manage Albums.
* Pick "My Gallery" From "Select Category"
*  + New Album
*  Give it a Name
* Hit OK
* Go back to "Upload File"
In Upload File, the right bar lets you pick uploading multiple or single files, multiple is easier kinda.
Select your album on the Album drop-down
Hit "Browse" to find & upload files
Hit "Upload File" (in multiple files mode I wait until it's done thinking about each one)
Enter details as appropriate.

From there you can go to "My Albums" and find your photos.
The photo info page has a little white button, second button in from the left of where it says "File 1/2"
Pick that button for info about the photo.
In the info section pick "BB Code", then highlight and copy the whole thing to your post.
Works best to paste the link in a post's "view source" mode.
In gallery there's an icon to the left above the picture [Image: info.png] - if you click on that icon, then underneath the filmstrip, there'll be a BB-Code box.  Copy that & paste it in the post - it works a little better if you paste it in the view-source mode, but it'll still work.

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