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Markus' H015 from cardboard
Wow ... coming along nicely.
The break between my last two postings was a little more than a month. This break was now almost a year - but here we go!
I mentioned that I was not aiming for a true replica, but I wanted to add some fun features. I have designed two doors for the sides which hold two flashlights. I got two cheap flashlights from AliExpress which I modified by soldering wires to the battery holders. I drilled two small holes (for the wires) into the side of the flashlights. 
[Image: attachment.php?aid=218]

The modified flashlights are then glued into the doors.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=219]

Then, I glued some thin wood to make the four angular pieces that hold the doors, using thin rods. The angular pieces are glued into the droid - careful, so the doors sit nicely in the openings.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=220]

The doors are opened by two micro servos which are mounted on the base plate.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=221]

can't wait to see it!

I've always planned to add some cool features to my sentry as well. this is cool to see
I'm also keen to see how it turns out. Lara wants to get hers to "do something" else as well, other than just spin and move...

I wonder if Oliver ever had any thoughts "I wish they'd let me do ... with it".
During the last weeks, I did a little more work, connecting the motors, adding the sound module, and programming the Arduino (bluetooth code, LED patterns, motor code). Now my H015 can move, open the side doors, display various LED patterns, and play sounds (so far, it is playing BB-8 sounds - these just sound so good). It is controlled via bluetooth with an Android app (made with the MIT app inventor).
Yesterday, I took it to Shreve Con. While nobody recognized it, everybody loved it.
Here, H015 and my daughter's yellow "X7-OB" droid took a picture with a Gunk droid.
Cool! - Of course if you really want the unrecognized look, go for a toolbox droid!
awesome! Gotta love getting it out in the world and seeing people's reactions
Looking good!
I also love the idea to add panels and gadgets ; flashlights are a great idea.

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