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Links to files. - kresty - 03-10-2017

The trick for getting image links works for files too - kinda. 

In the file gallery there's an icon to the left above the picture [Image: info.png] - if you click on that icon, then underneath the filmstrip, there'll be a BB-Code box.  Copy that & paste it in the post - it works a little better if you paste it in the view-source mode, but it'll still work.

The problem with files is that it'll end up with a gibberish thumbnail.  If we've added a thumbnail, then you can change that filename to include "thumb_" before the name and ".png or .jpg" after then name (instead of .zip).

Eg: change something like

Or just replace the image URL with the URL of the image you see on the gallery page, eg: right click the image and past that in the location.